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For people who like seeing things

PRECISION1™ all day comfort contact lenses are designed for first-time wearers who want to embrace the freedom of life with daily contact lenses. Try PRECISION1™ contact lenses today.

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Why We Think They’re Awesome

PRECISION1™ contact lenses are tiny bits of genius. They feature SMARTSURFACE™ Technology, which is a thin layer of moisture on the lens surface that exceeds 80% water, to help experience all-day comfort1 and precise vision1. On top of that, they’re easy to handle1.

PRECISION1™ contact lenses are daily disposable lenses and are designed to be worn once. Each contact lens comes in an individual small blister pack. Daily disposable contact lenses are simply applied in the morning, then taken out at the end of the day and disposed. Try PRECISION1™ contact lenses today.

Millions of people around the world are happy wearing contact lenses. Do not be afraid. Try them and rely on your eye care professional.

The  biggest benefit contact lenses give is a sense of freedom.

While sports without spectacles is not an option because you can hardly see anything, sports with spectacles can be even more impractical for obvious reasons.

Handle with ease and expertise

Applying Your Lenses

Asset 1 0 Washing hands before putting in PRECISION1™ contact lenses

Step 1

Wash your hands with soap, rinse thoroughly with water, and dry your hands thoroughly with a lint free towel.

Asset 2 0 RECISION1™ contact lens on fingertip

Step 2

Place the lens on the tip of your index finger and marvel at how thin it looks.

Asset 3 0 Proper PRECISION1™ contact lens shape

Step 3

Make sure it’s curved like a bowl. If the ends are curling like a bell, it’s inside-out.

Asset 4 0 Slowly move the lens toward your eye

Step 4

Slowly move the lens towards your eye.

Asset 5 0 Pulling down eyelid for PRECISION1™ contact lens

Step 5

Use the middle finger of your opposite hand to pull your upper eyelid up, and the middle finger of your other hand to pull your lower eyelid down.

Asset 6 0 Placing PRECISION1™ contact lens in eye

Step 6

Carefully place the lens on your eye.

Asset 7 0 0 Blink a few times

Step 7

Blink a few times to help it settle into place.

Asset 8 0 The more you do it, the more natural it gets

Step 8

The more you do it, the more natural it gets. Repeat for your other eye.

Removing Your Lenses

Asset 9 2 Washing hands before removing PRECISION1™ contacts

Step 1

Wash your hands with soap, rinse thoroughly with water, and dry your hands thoroughly with a lint free towel.

Asset 10 0 Pulling down eyelid to remove PRECISION1™ contact lens

Step 2

Pull upper eyelid up and lower eyelid down with your middle fingers.

Asset 11 0 Sliding down PRECISION1™ contact lens

Step 3

Use your index finger to slide the lens down to the white of your eye.

Asset 12 0 Removing PRECISION1™ contact lens from eye

Step 4

Pinch the lens between your fingers and remove it from your eye, and repeat for your other eye.

Or just watch this


Contact lenses to help you embrace the freedom of life with lenses. Try PRECISION1™ now –wear them on your next adventure.

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